This is How Pickleball Started


Did you know that Pickleball was invented in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, an island just to the west of Seattle, Washington? How awesome is that?

Ultra Pickleball is not far from Seattle, Washington located in the beautiful Inland Northwest where Pickleball is becoming more and more popular. Ultra Pickleball is also very close to Spokane, Washington which is a beautiful part of the Inland Northwest. 

Pickle-ball® was the first game ever played inside the King Dome -- Seattle, WA (L-R) Project Manager - Name Unknown, Barney McCallum - Co-Inventor, Joel Pritchard US Congressmen and Co-Inventor, Bill Bell - Investor.   


how to choose the best pickleball paddle and how pickleball started

How Do You Choose a Paddle?

    Depending on the type of paddle you choose to play with will determine how much power and control you receive from that paddle. When a paddle has a lot of "Pop" it means that it generally has more power with minimal effort or less effort than other paddles. Paddles with more "Pop" can be great for players that have previous elbow injuries or suffer from to much shock when hitting the ball. The lighter the paddle the more shock you will absorb in your arm.

    Playing with more of a power paddle gives you more distance as well when you are in the backcourt. The obvious disadvantage to playing with this type of paddles is that if you are a beginner or even a seasoned player it is harder to control the ball. When you are playing in the kitchen area closer to the net it also makes it more difficult to "dink" and you will often be hitting the ball higher than you should over the net, thus giving your opponent a great shot in their favor. Power paddles are most often classified as graphite paddles, cork centered, and most fiberglass paddles. For control paddles, you will want to look at composite pickleball paddles.

    Overall, power paddles can be a great choice for more seasoned players or even those with a tennis playing background, but it will require some fine-tuning in your game. If you are willing to stick with it this can be a great advantage to you if you can master the power paddles. If you are just starting out in pickleball I would recommend a composite paddle which will provide more control on the courts, especially if you are playing doubles in pickleball. You can always work your way up to a power paddle if you want.


    best pickleball paddles and balls

    Who are the USAPA Ambassadors: Seattle, Washington

    • Billy Jacobsen   (253) 863-1019   Lake Tapps, WA
    • Darcie Jacobsen   (253) 863-1019   Lake Tapps, WA
    • Chuck Pratt   (360) 801-1552   Belfair, WA
    • Ruth Pratt   (360) 801-1552   Belfair, WA
    • Ginny Scantlebury   (206) 546-5627   Shoreline, WA

    Seattle, Washington Pickleball Clubs

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