Alpine Bass Package Type-A 10" Subwoofer, Dub 200 Watt RMS Amp, and Wiring Kit

Product Description

Brand: Alpine


  • Authorized Dealer - Technical Support and a Warranty you won't find elsewhere.
  • DUBa2100 - 200 Watts RMS power
  • SWA-10S4 10" Type-A Subwoofer. Perfect match for the DUBa2100
  • Included wiring kit - 100% OFC

Publisher: Alpine

Details: This package contains an Alpine SWA-10S4 10" Single 4-Ohm Subwoofer, a DUB 200 Watt RMS Two-Channel Amplifier, and wiring kit. Alpine SWA-10S4 10" Subwoofer Power Handling CEA-2031 Power Rating: 250W RMS Power Range: 50W-250W RMS RMS Power Handling: 250W RMS Peak Power Handling: 750W PEAK Dimensions Mounting Depth: 5-5/16′′ Mounting Diameter: 9′′ Displacement: 0.08 ft3 Added Volume: 0.03 ft3 General Frequency Response: 24Hz-200Hz Jensen DUBa2100 Amplifier MOSFET Power Supply High Current Toshiba Output Transistors Optimized Class AB Design Minimizes Distortion and Reduces Idle Current Designed to Drive 4-Ohm and 2-Ohm Loads Continuously Variable Low-Pass Filter: 40 - 300Hz (12dB / Octave) Continuously Variable Subsonic Filter: 10 - 40Hz (12dB / Octave) Continuously Variable Bass EQ: 0 ~ 12dB at 45Hz Pass-Thru RCA's Short Circuit, DC - Offset and Thermal Overload Protection Diagnostic LED's: Red - Power / Amber - Fault

UPC: 841992105676

EAN: 841992105676

$ 99.99

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