Paddletek company was started by seeing a need at the National Pickleball Tournaments for a pickleball paddle that would outlast in the industry. One of the owners saw a growing need for a pickleball paddle that had great warranty's and a great company to stand behind their product. Paddletek Pickleball is a professional company that truly stands out and sets itself apart from the competition. There paddles are loved by thousands. 

One of the founders at Paddletek Pickleball has an engineering background so that sent the whole idea into motion and through various forms of testing and production they eventually mastered some awesome paddles and are now one of the fourth largest manufacturers of pickleball paddles in the USA. That is pretty awesome for starting out as a side hobby! 

Paddletek was founded in Scottsdale, AZ but is now located in Niles, Michigan. There top sellers are the Tempest, Element, Bantam EX-L , Tyro and the Phoenix Pro models. There team of employees are all pickleball fans and love the sport. They are committed to providing excellent products at an affordable price.

Paddletek Pickleball Paddles

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