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Pro Lite Sports has been making paddles for over 30 years and began production of their first composite pickleball paddles in 1984. They are a family owned business located in Port Washington, Wisconsin and are dedicated to what they do. Pro-Lite Sports is a sponsor of the USAPA governing body of pickleball, and are a large sponsor of nationwide tournaments and events.

The first paddle that was made by Pro-Lite Sports was made by Arlen Paranto who was a Boeing engineer and it was from this first concept that the industry was revolutionized. This first paddle was made from fiberglass honeycomb panel and gave the paddle a great weight and balance ratio. The current owner of Pro-Lite Sports is Neil Friedenberg who is a serious pickleball player and has been enjoying the sport since the 1980's. Pro-Lite Sports is dedicated to the pickleball industry and loves to see new players joining this great game.

Pro Lite Sports Pickleball Paddles

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