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Pickleball Court Locations in the USA


Pickleball is such a great community sport but where do you play when you are new to the game or area? Look no further than our section on pickleball locations in the United States. We have complied a list of as many associations, leagues, courts and more by state. Don't see on the list but know its there? Let us know and we would be glad to research it and add it to our website.

This list is always growing with new pickleball locations added all the time as the popular pickleball sport is growing. If you are a community that has just added a court location please give us a call or send us an email so we can update our records. Click on your state to see the pickleball court locations, playing times and more great information. 


NOTE:  Please note that we are currently updating our pickleball court locations records and that some states will not show during this update. This list was last updated on 8/9/2016.