Hey, what's the big deal with Graphite Paddles? Graphite paddles are one of the most popular paddles on the market and we carry one of the best in leading innovative technology. Some of the paddles are constructed with PowerCore honeycomb core technology and an aircraft-grade graphite surface for the ultimate in power and control. Graphite provides quick action and light and strong paddle for great performance on the court. Our graphite paddles appeal to higher-level players that demand the best in soft-control feel while retaining ultra power.

Do Graphite Paddles Really Perform the Best for Your Money?

Graphite paddles are one of the most popular paddles on the courts today. Many players choose them as their go-to paddle because of the control and finesse you get during an intense game of pickleball. The term "Graphite" means the surface of the paddle is graphite and not the entire paddle, this is something to remember when you are looking at which paddle to choose. The inner part of the paddle is made differently from manufacturer to manufacturer and with different core technology. Players love graphite paddles because of the sensation to easily feel the ball off of their paddle and also the "pop" off the paddle.





Graphite Pickleball Paddles

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