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Ultra Pickleball has one of the best selections of indoor pickleball balls and with some great colors for any type of playing! Also known as pickleballs and available in a wide range of colors including with lime green, white, orange, yellow, blue, black or pink you are sure to find the perfect color for your game. Indoor Pickleball balls are made with smaller holes than an outdoor pickleball ball and are meant for serious play on indoor hard surfaces. Outdoor balls are made with larger holes to help play against the weather and on windy conditions.

Indoor pickleball playing courts can vary in lighting and having some colorful pickle ball options can greatly help.  We get customers that ask us all the time about the choices in colors and what works best in different lighting conditions. Our typical answer is that it vary's for each playing situation and sometimes it is best to try a variety of colors to find that perfect pickleball ball color! If you cant decide on one set color then you can always try out the sampler pack that has a few colors of each ball. That seems to be a popular choice among players.


Indoor Pickleballs | Ultra Pickleball

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