DuraSoft Plus Replacement Pickleball Paddle Grip – Ultra Pickleball

DuraSoft Plus Replacement Grip

Product Description
The DuraSoft+ Replacement Grip is designed to take over for the worn-out grip that originally came with your pickleball paddle. If it’s been compressed, or is damaged or dirty, breathe new life into your paddle by retiring that old grip and wrapping it with a new one. This grip is extremely soft and is one of the most comfortable grips on the market. It has a sensible amount of tack which increases a player’s control of the paddle without being sticky or rough. This is the grip that is wrapped around the handle of all the pickleball paddles made by Viking. 

The DuraSoft+ Replacement Grip is just about an inch wide with miniature perforations covering the entire grip which aids in air circulation and sweat absorption. The Viking logo and branding is discretely printed on the grip. This item is easy to apply and certainly prolongs the lifespan of the paddle’s handle. 

The DuraSoft+ Replacement Grip keeps you playing with your favorite paddle for as long as your heart desires. 

Available in the following colors: black and white.
$ 7.99

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