Extreme Dog Fence Heavy Duty Dog Fence Wire - 500FT 14 Gauge Professional Boundary Wire for All Brands of Electric Dog Fence - Above Ground or Buried for 20 Years+ of Solid Performance

Product Description

Brand: Extreme Dog Fence


  • 500 Feet of Heavy Duty 14 Gauge Pure Solid Copper Core Electric Dog Fence Boundary Wire. Enough to Cover Up to 1/2 Acre and Perform Reliably for the Life of Your Pets
  • The Highest Grade Boundary Wire Available that Works Flawlessly with All the Top Brands and Lesser Brands of Professionally Installed, as Well as D.I.Y. In-Ground Pet Containment Fence Systems
  • While Rugged and Durable, the eXtreme Dog Fence Boundary Wire is Not Difficult to Work With. This High Tensile Wire is Coated with a High Performing 45 Mil Polyethylene Jacket and is UV Resistant
  • Born in the USA. eXtreme Dog Fence Wire is the Original Pet Fence Boundary Wire that is Proudly Manufactured Right Here in the United States of America, with Performance Designed to Earn Your Trust
  • Additional Fence Parts - You Can Also Find Spools of Twisted Wire, Additional Dog Fence Collars, Batteries, Replacement Transmitters and Many Other Pet Related Products in Our Amazon Store

Publisher: Extreme Dog Fence

Details: eXtreme Dog Fence - Highest Quality Underground Pet Fence Boundary Wire Available - 14 Gauge Pure Solid Copper Core - UV Resistant Polyethylene Jacket
500 Feet Continuous Spool (Up to 1/2 Acre)

Congratulations. You have found the leader in high grade electric dog fence boundary wire. eXtreme Dog Fence has developed the perfect wire to ensure longevity and reliability for all brands and models of wired pet fence systems.
The pure copper core in our 14 gauge pro grade wire has been copied by several lesser competitors, because it is the leader for this type of application. The polyethylene jacket around our copper is designed to outclass PVC jackets, and does so (impressively) when standing up to eXtreme weather (cold, heat, moisture).

eXtreme Dog Fence 14 gauge wire can be buried as deep as 18" (if need be). It can be run above ground, and secured with yard staples (to keep it from be caught by a mower, tripped over, etc.) until the wire has settled into the dirt/yard and then you won't even see it again. It can be run along the top or bottom of an existing physical fence, in order to prevent digging or jumping.
This wire is in a class all its own, and eXtreme Dog Fence has the track record to prove it. We commend the "competition" for trying to emulate this product, but you really cannot top an eXtreme product.

This wire is proudly manufactured in the United States, and comes with true the American craftsmanship we hold dear to our hearts.

While this wire is completely compatible with all the big name fence systems out there:

Invisible Fence
eXtreme Dog Fence
Pet Stop
Perimeter Technologies
... as well as the little guys:

Dog Guard
and ALL others.

Don't let your dog fence boundary wire be the weak link in your pet containment system. Choose eXtreme Dog Fence 14 gauge pro grade boundary wire NOW!!!

Package Dimensions: 13.0 x 8.0 x 5.2 inches

$ 59.95

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