Hemp Oil For Dogs - Terpene Rich Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dog Anxiety Relief, Dog Joint Pain Relief & Joint Support for Dogs, and Dog Immune Support. Contains Human Grade Ingredients.

Product Description

Brand: EVMT Brands

Color: Green


  • Hemp oil for dog anxiety and dog calming - non psychoactive. Our powerful full spectrum hemp oil tincture is designed to help calm your pup. While this dog anxiety relief won't get your dog 'high', it does contain relaxing and calming aid, making it ideal for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety, isolation anxiety, panic attacks, destructive chewing, travel anxiety, anxiety during thunderstorms, fireworks, and stress from loud noises.
  • Fastest acting hemp oil for canine joint pain relief - full spectrum, phytonutrient and terpene rich hemp oil for dog hip and joint pain quickly acts as a joint supplement for dogs and easily and naturally soothes away joint and muscular pain due to genetic defects, inflammation, bad hips, joint and aging related issues. We've experienced firsthand how this hemp oil helps our dogs as an anti-inflammatory supplement - providing relief from dog arthritis.
  • Hemp oil for dog immune issues or digestion - dogs love the bacon flavor. Use the easy measure dropper to place hemp oil extract directly atop your dog's food, favorite treats, or even in their water for optimal digestion and immunity. Works great as a rescue remedy for dogs. Dog immune supplements Omega 6 linoleic acid, Omega 3 oleic acid and GLA gamma linolenic acid and stearidonic acid promote digestive enzymes, health and well being from the inside out.
  • Fully pure - all natural - non GMO - contains human grade ingredients - terpene rich - organic - made in USA. As a pet parent-owned company we meticulously and continuously monitor every batch of our pets joint pain, anxiety relief, immune support Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for purity, potency, power and effect, ensuring it's completely non-chemical.
  • Terpene rich - terpenes and terpenoid compounds are naturally occurring chemicals in plants that help protect the plant from insects and disease. Terpenes have been widely associated with warding off disease in mammals just like they do for the plants. Additionally, they show strong effect with active ingredients in hemp extracts for counteracting negative effects and enhancing other positive effects. For hemp oil extract it is vital that the product has a lot of naturally occurring terpenes.

Publisher: Evermost LLC

Details: Have you ever asked yourself what can I give my dog for pain relief? Have you scoured the internet wondering how to calm down a dog? Have you been disappointed with standard anxiety and pain medicine for dogs?

At EVMT Brands we go out of our way to make sure that our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil only contains natural and organic ingredients and does not have any processed chemicals or additives. It is great as an anti inflammatory for dogs both large and small, as well as puppies. It works amazing as a rescue remedy for dogs. It is fantastic as a fur oil as it does wonders for dog coats. It even provides benefits as a dog sleep aid. In addition, hemp oil is shown to be less toxic than prescription pain and anxiety meds for dogs.

This needs to be an essential part of every dog's diet as it works as a dog arthritis medicine, anti-anxiety, and as multivitamin. After using this product you will get your Energized, Happy, Playful Puppy back.

Potential Benefits of our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for dogs
Helps soothe separation anxiety in dogs - Research has shown that the compounds in hemp oil act as potent dog anxiety medication.
Provides pain relief for dogs - unlike traditional pain meds for dogs, full spectrum hemp oil is completely natural, safe, and non-toxic.
Calms down arthritis in dogs - among joint supplements for dogs, hemp oil has been shown to work highly effectively without damaging the liver and other vital organs.

Contains 350 milligrams of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Recommended Dosage-
1 drop per 2 pounds of pet's weight, 1 - 3 per day.
For larger dogs, you can pour oil directly into a measuring spoon instead of using the dropper - an eighth of a teaspoon per 28 pounds, a quarter teaspoon per 55 pounds, three quarters teaspoon per 82 pounds, a half teaspoon per 110 pounds.

UPC: 860000164207

EAN: 0860000164207

Package Dimensions: 7.7 x 5.5 x 1.7 inches

$ 25.00

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