KEXMY Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs-Flea and Tick Prevention for Small, Medium or Large Dog - Waterproof Collar Flea Tick 2019

Product Description

Brand: KEXMY


  • EFFICIENT FLEA AND TICK COLLAR: Repels and kills fleas and ticks keeping your dog COMFORTABLE for a 8-MONTH PERIOD! No more scratching and biting with the KEXMY Flea Collar for Dogs. This is the best method of flea and tick prevention for dogs and really makes a difference with your flea issue. This tick collar has no harsh odor. No need to go to the vet for the flea control when your puppy is itching.
  • SAFE FOR PETS AND HUMANS, WATERPROOF: The flea and tick collar is made of 100% natural Aromatherapy oils, essential and NON-TOXIC oils. Works great keeping the ticks, fleas, lice eggs or flea larvae off of your pet. No fleas on your dog and better yet no fleas on you! 8-MONTH PROTECTION with this WATERPROOF flea collar for puppies over 7 weeks old and for medium & large dogs.
  • EFFECTIVE: Especially when flea treatment for dogs no longer works due to resistant fleas or your dog is just sensitive to the pills or sprays. This product replaces the flea killer pills for dogs and is less messy than monthly tubes of liquids. The collar features a RESISTANT Defend and works great as a flea repellent for dogs.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Adjustable dog collar made of TPE plastic, works perfectly as a flea killer for dogs. It is a 25 inches collar, suitable as a small or large dog collar. Very easy to put it on your dog - just cut the redundant and you are set.
  • YOU CAN'T LOSE: We want to keep you and your best friend SAFE and COMFORTABLE. In the unlikely event that KEXMY Flea and Tick Collar is not right for you, we'll promptly refund the money and you get to keep the product.

Publisher: KEXMY


Imagine yourself hiking with your dog or walking in wooded areas and you know every single time you do this – your dog gets fleas and ticks from outside.

The perfect solution for this would be a flea collar. Have you ever been in this scenario?

Whenever he/she sees a garbage can – starts digging, then you find a shoe buried in your backyard and so on. Your puppy comes back always full of mud on the paws and brings home lots of fleas as a bonus.

In this case, a dog collar used as a flea and tick prevention would be FANTASTIC!

Some call it flea treatment for dogs, some call it flea and tick collar, some even call it flea and tick repellant collar. Call it however you want because one thing’s for certain – The KEXMY Flea Collar guarantees to keep you and your pet SAFE and AWAY from FLEAS and TICKS!

Package Dimensions: 3.7 x 3.2 x 1.1 inches

$ 18.95 $ 45.95

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