Mylo Dog Anxiety Relief Calming Treats for Dogs - 100% Organic Hemp Oil, L-Tryptophan, Passion Flower, L-Theanine Bites for Separation Aid in Dog Anxiety, Stress, Fireworks & Thunder - 120 Soft Chews

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Brand: Mylo Pet Company


  • TAKE A CHILL PILL. Or better yet, take Mylo Pet Company's Calming Dog Treats with 100% Organic Hemp Oil. This dog calming aid treats separation anxiety for your furry friend. No more coming home to a house that looks like it was raided by the FBI.
  • THIS WILL NOT GET YOUR DOG HIGH. Our hemp dog treats are safe and have 0% THC. If you thought this would get your pup as high as a college student at a music festival, we're sorry. This is not Dogchella.
  • WE ARE FUR REAL. This peanut butter flavored calming aid for dogs is scientifically proven to provide dog stress and anxiety relief, no therapy required. Our chewable treats also as a natural dog sleep aid.
  • SAFETY FIRST - Think of these as a warm cup of tea with your grandma. Our pet relief edibites are 100% safe and made with all natural ingredients listed in our product description below.
  • ONLY THE BEST FOR YOUR PFF (Pet Friend Forever). Like you, Mylo wants our pups to age like a fine wine. We wouldn't give anything to our dog that we wouldn't give to ourselves (but please do not eat these dog treats yourself). Made in the USA.

Publisher: Mylo Pet Company


When you leave the house, your dog misses you like a kid at preschool misses their mommy. The only difference is that a kid won't rip your sofa apart like a stuffed animal. Mylo Pet Company's Dog Calming Treats with 100% Organic Hemp Oil have been scientifically proven to provide separation anxiety relief for dogs.


ORGANIC HEMP OIL - Derived from hemp seeds, this organic hemp for dogs reduces separation anxiety without the psychological effects of THC. Long story short: THIS WILL NOT GET YOUR DOG HIGH, but it will get them to feel calm.

L-TRYPTOPHAN - This amino acid supports stress response and acts as a mood booster to maintain your dog's serotonin levels. This makes your furry friend happier than a pup at a pooch park. Say that five times fast. Go ahead. I'll wait.

CHAMOMILE FLOW - Much like chamomile tea, this muscle relaxer decreases blood pressure. Your dog will stop acting as aggressive as the dude at the gym who yells after every rep. You know the guy.

ORGANIC PASSION FLOWER - Say "sweet dreams" to your dog. This natural calming agent and dog sleep aid helps to relax your dog's body, mind, and tummy while boosting levels of the feel-good chemical known as GABA.

L-THEANINE -  This amino acid calms your pet by reducing stress, irritability, and anxiety making your dog's manic Monday feel more like a Saturday barbecue with their buddies.

SKULLCAP -  Despite it's scary name, skullcap is an herb that serves to calm nervous or irritated dogs and help those recovering from trauma, no therapy required.

We have a saying at Mylo: "Only the best, for your PFF (Pet Friend Forever)." Mylo, short for "My Love" is committed to returning the favor to our pets.

All Mylo Pet Company's products are proudly made in the USA.

UPC: 860001141030

EAN: 0860001141030

Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 4.0 x 3.9 inches

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