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Pickle Gumballs

Product Description
Think back to your childhood and all the countless gumballs you chomped away at. You’ll feel quite nostalgic while chewing on these Pickle Gumballs! These are the ultimate treat for the pickle lover. Each bite results in a burst of delicious, sweet dill flavor. A pack of these would be a fantastic gift for anyone who puckers sweetly for pickles or for any pickleball fan. They’d also serve well as prizes to winners of pickleball tournaments.

The Pickle Gumballs come in a 3-1/4” by 2-1/2” by 3/4” collectible tin which holds approximately 22 round, pickle-flavored gumballs. There are enough to share but, of course, that is up to you- you may not want to after trying one! The tin features a pickle blowing a green bubble as well as the words “Extra Briny” in black letters to the left of him.

You will feel as if you’re savoring a bite out of a sweet pickle the entire time that you’re chewing on the Pickle Gumball.
$ 4.99

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