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Pickle Mints

Product Description
Pickle Mints are a fun and flavorful way to really show off your dedication to pickleball. It’s a great gift for any pickleball player and can also be used as a prize to give out to the winners of a pickleball game or tournament. Of course it’s also great for anybody who just loves the taste of pickle! Each case of mints contains approximately 100 minty little tablets and weighs just about 0.7 ounces, so don’t be shy to share with your friends.

The Pickle Mints come in a collectible 2-1/4” diameter tin which is reusable even after the mints are devoured. On the front, a happy-looking pickle is tossing a handful of these delectable mints into his mouth. A retro-type text reads “Dill Pickle Mints” just beneath this fellow. On the back, this pickle is resting contentedly inside his juice-filled jar. Rest assured that there aren’t actually pickles in these mints, just dill flavoring.

The Pickle Mints are a great gag gift for any pickleball fan.
$ 4.99

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