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Pickleball Scorer Plus

Product Description
The Pickleball Scorer is an ingenious product that helps players keep their minds on the game and off the chore of scoring. The scoring for pickleball can be quite difficult, and this trinket aims to make it easier. The Scorer clips right onto the hem of a shirt or pants and features sliding beads to help keep track of where you are in the game. That way, players can focus on the fun they’re having instead of if they are server one or two and the score.

The Pickleball Scorer features three different scoring features to help players keep their heads in the game. First, slide the beads down on the left string to keep track of the score. There are eleven beads perched one on top of another to count each point. On the right string, there’s a circular bead with an “E” bead and an “O” bead on either side that helps players keep track of whether they’re the even or odd player. Beneath that, a bead is surrounded by a “1” and a “2” to indicate first or second server.

The Pickleball Scorer is the easiest way to stay focused on the top priority- the fun of the game.

Available in the following colors: brown/black or brights.
$ 7.99

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