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Pickleball Tournament Medals

Product Description

The Pickleball Tournament Medals are a perfect gift for every pickleball game winner (or as a consolation prize!). These medallions will be cherished by every recipient and look great hanging around player’s necks as well as proudly displayed in a trophy case. Each silver disc is attached to a red, white and blue striped neck ribbon which measures 15” long.

The Pickleball Tournament Medal features a silver medallion. A slender, silver glitter ring runs along the edges adding some pretty sparkle and flair. Inside this ring is a graphic of two crossed pickleball paddles, one red and one blue. A net can be found behind the paddles, and just above the top of the paddles hovers a white pickleball. It’s a truly gorgeous design!

Anyone who receives a Pickleball Tournament Medal will be proud to showcase this as a token of their success.
$ 9.99

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