SKLZ Golf Putting Cup Accuracy Trainer

Product Description

Brand: SKLZ

Color: Gray


  • Shrinks practice cups to promote on-course putting skills
  • Helps you quickly improve reads, putt speeds and accuracy
  • Trains you to hit the high side of the hole where more putts get made
  • Easily fits into your bag for practice at the course or home on mats

Legal Disclaimer: Seller is in no way responsible or liable for any incident or injury resulting from the use of this product.

Publisher: Pro Performance

Release Date: 2008-01-15

Details: Sinking breaking putts is all about visualizing the right line. The Putt Pockets unique horseshoe shape forces players to hit to the high side of the hole, and can be used as an extra practice cup. Features: Helps players improve the accuracy of their line and speed on putts of all lengths. Fits in a standard golf hole, and has a 2.75 inch opening that forces the player to make putts in the high side. Small hole opening makes real holes appear larger once the player is out on the course. Perfect target for practicing at home or office. Can use it as a practice hole (on the turf) on a crowded practice green.The secret to sinking a breaking putt is to visualize the correct line. Enter the SKLZ Putt Pocket, a putting accuracy trainer with a unique horseshoe shape that forces players to hit the high side of the hole. The trainer--which fits into any standard golf hole, such as those on the putting green--sports a 2.75-inch opening that serves as a target.

The Putt Pocket forces you to hit the high side of the hole.

The pocket also works as a practice hole in the home or office.
When you line up a putt, simply aim for the opening rather than the hole itself. If you see the line accurately, the ball will gravitate to the high side and directly into the cup. Not only will this improve your accuracy and speed, but it will also make real holes appear much larger after a few hours of practice. The Putt Pocket--which also functions as a practice hole for the home or office--is ideal for golfers of all skill levels.

About SKLZ
The flagship brand of Pro Performance Sports LLC, SKLZ was built around the popularity of the company's legendary baseball swing trainer, the Hit-A-Way. After starting with a complete line of baseball and softball trainers, the company expanded into football, tennis, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and most recently, a full spectrum of golf training products. Headquartered in San Diego, the SKLZ team consists of both seasoned professionals and young upstarts in the sporting goods industry who are passionate about delivering the best skill development products to athletes of all ages.

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Package Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.3 x 1.8 inches

$ 11.95

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