Sony XAV-AX200 CD/DVD Receiver with SiriusXM, BT, compatible with Apple CarPlay, AndroidAuto, Steering Interface, Camera

Product Description

Brand: Sony


  • Compatible with Car Play and Android Auto
  • Steering Wheel Control Interface
  • License Plate Mount Rearview Camera
  • Ergonomic rotary dial for distraction-free operation
  • Control and view everything with the 6.4" touch screen

Publisher: Sony

Details: This bundle includes a Sony XAV-AX200 CD/DVD Receiver Compatible with CarPlay & Android Auto & included SiriusXM tuner, SWI-RC Steering Wheel Interface and Back Up Camera Sony XAV-AX200 AM/FM/CD Receiver with Bluetooth, CarPlay, Android Auto, & includes Sirius XM Tuner Get help from your smartphone on the road, without taking your hands off the wheel. CarPlay and Android Auto let you get directions, communicate with your contacts, and control audio playback using voice commands. Powerful 4 x 55 W amplification makes music sound clear and dynamic, even at high volumes. Voice control with Car Play and Android Auto Get directions in real time without ever taking your hands off the wheel. Easily navigate to your end destination, or search for nearby stopovers mid-journey. Get powerful sound with the 4 x 55 W Dynamic Reality Amp 2 Sound waves are directional, so if your speakers are in your doors or under your dash, the audio may seem muddy or unclear. Dynamic Stage Organizer adjusts the signal, improving the stereo positioning so music sounds like it's coming from the dashboard. Tailor the sound to your personal preference with the 10-band graphic equalizer. With three high-voltage pre-outs, you can easily expand your system with power amplifiers to drive speakers and subwoofers. Create virtual speakers on your dashboard with the Dynamic Stage Organizer Got a rear camera installed? View its feed through the screen, along with customizable guidelines that help you to back up safely. Now you can see the image of the three connected cameras, which you can choose on-screen.

UPC: 841992118270

EAN: 841992118270

$ 512.99

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