TreadWright CLAW M/T Tire - Remold USA - LT275/70R18E Premier Tread Wear (40,000 miles)

Product Description

Brand: TreadWright


  • Premiere Tread Wear ($10 value) - Tier 1 Tread Rubber Averages 40,000 Miles with Excellent Chip and Cut Resistance
  • Aggressive Mud Terrain Tires with Wide Self-Cleaning Lugs for Maximum Traction
  • Remolded & Reinforced Sidewalls Offer Additional Strength and Puncture Resistance
  • Quality Tires Backed By Our 2-Year Workmanship Warranty
  • Made In The USA, Wheel NOT included. - 2757018 275/70 18, Treadwright

Publisher: TreadWright

Details: The Claw has a classic, rugged and aggressive look that will have everyone doing a double take.The Claw is TreadWright's answer for an aggressive tread design that at its core is a mud-terrain, but with design features that truly make it an any-terrain tire. The enhanced footprint, provides an aggressive off-road appearance, improves rock climbing and glossy surface traction but performs equally well on dry and smooth surfaces. If you are looking for versatility and great performance, this one delivers. TreadWright has been manufacturing remolded tires in the USA for roughly 30 years. TreadWright uses a remold manufacturing process that is nearly identical to new tire manufacturing. The process starts with a premium casing (Goodyear, Michelin etc.) that has passed a complete integrity inspection. All of our casings are inspected for steel belt integrity. Occasionally we will repair and vulcanize a pinhole leak in an otherwise approved, quality inspected casing. The used tread is buffed off the casing and then remolded with the same presses and manufacturing processes used to cure new tires. These Bead to Bead tires have additional rubber added to the sidewalls and they are remolded with our TreadWright brand. The tread is a commercial grade rubber compound, which has proven to provide up to 25% more tread life than comparable imports in on/off road terrain. Recycled/remolded tires are used in 80% of commercial airlines, emergency response vehicles and school buses all across the US. The DOT has determined that remolded tires and new tires have the exact same defect rate. TreadWright Tires are produced with 70% recycled materials. Each TreadWright tire uses approximately 6 gallons of oil compared to 18 gallons for a new tire. Join the Remold Revolution! We offer the best value 275/70R18 10PLY Mud Terrain

$ 146.99

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