USAPA Replacement Bag – Ultra Pickleball

USAPA Replacement Bag

Product Description

If the original carrying bag that came with your portable pickleball net system is starting to show some wear and tear, here’s the answer to your problem. Replace the bag with a brand new USAPA Replacement Bag. This bag is the complete carrying solution, and fits all the parts for the USA Pickleball Associations Portable Pickleball Net System, the PickleNet Portable Pickleball Net System or the 3.0 Tournament Net System. It can hold one entire net system, poles, net and all!

The bag itself is a slender design that doesn’t take up a massive amount of space. This replacement bag for the USA Pickleball Assn’s Net measures 40 inches long, seven inches high and 5 inches wide. It can easily fit on the ground of the backseat or tucked away in the trunk of your car. Inside the main zippered compartment, there are several pouches and straps to keep all the pieces organized and in their place during transportation and storage. The bag is made of durable black nylon, with reinforced edges and plastic piping. There are also nylon handles for carrying the net system around from place to place. On the front of the replacement bag, there are bold white letters spelling out “”, with “pickleball” written underneath in italics.
$ 37.99

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