Electric Skateboard Longboard By Falcon Board - Powerful 1200W Brushless Motor - 8AH Lithium Battery - Bluetooth Remote - 100% Canadian Maple Deck

Product Description

Brand: Falcon Board

Color: Black


  • OXYGEN TECH MOTOR - A specially developed brushless motor delivering a powerful 1200W output with linear acceleration providing a top speed of 32km/h / 20mph.
  • HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY - 8AH lithium battery with well matched transmission enables 18 mile / 30km cruise range. Quick 2 hour charging makes the board an ideal commuting tool.
  • ROBUST LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - 8 Layers of pure Canadian Maple make the deck strong and flexible. Load Capacity up to 266 lbs / 120kg. Lightweight design with the board weighing only 13 lbs / 6kg and the slimmest point only 1 inch / 2.5cm.
  • HIGH REBOUND PU WHEELS - 83 x 52mm, 85% rebound PU wheels ensure the smoothest ride and shock absorption. ABEC-9 super smooth ceramic bearings make the board more energy efficient.
  • BLUETOOTH REMOTE - The Falcon Board includes a 2.4GHZ bluetooth remote with patented 7 inch Magaluma gravity casting truck providing excellent performance when turning at high speed. Always ships from California USA.

Legal Disclaimer: SAFETY MESSAGE - HIGH SPEED CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS Crashes can cause really serious injuries, or worse. Be careful when riding the Falcon Board at top speed. Even if you're an experienced skater. CARS AND OTHER VEHICLES CAN KILL YOU Always be especially aware and vigilant when riding around other vehicles. Ride defensively and assume other vehicles can't see you, also assume that drivers won't recognise that you are on a motorised board. It's your responsibility to abide by the highway code laws in your state or country. DO NOT RIDE ON WET SURFACES. Riding on wet surfaces can cause water to splash up into the electronics and is dangerous, please ride with vigilance and common sense at all times, water damage is not covered in the warranty. BE SAFE, NOT STUPID. Wear correct safety gear, you will be travelling at speeds of up to 20mph. A crash in shorts and a T-shirt will almost certainly result to a trip to casualty, however a crash with correct safety gear on will probably be a quick brush down and back to riding. IT IS POSSIBLE FOR THE BOARD TO LOSE BRAKING ABILITY OR FOR THE BRAKES TO APPLY BY THEMSELVES In very, very rare circumstances in most cases never, a Falcon board could lose braking ability or apply the brakes. Therefore you must ride cautiously at all times wearing correct safety gear. It is essential you learn to foot brake correctly before travelling at speed and be ready to use it. BRAKING DOWNHILL WITH THE POWER ON. Braking downhill with the power turned on will cause significant wear on the motor and regenerative system, therefore we advise you to try and ride the Falcon Board on flat surfaces as much as possible or at least use foot braking down declines. We do not cover and will not be liable for any type of injury, property or third party damage caused by the product in any circumstance. Care and use is 100% the purchasers/user's responsibility. We state the customer is aware of the nature of the product and all riders accept the possibility of failure whilst riding and take all precautions necessary to protect themselves from injury.

Publisher: Falcon Board

Details: Electric Skateboard / Longboard By Falcon Board:

- 1200W Oxygen Tech brushless Motor providing a top speed of 32km/h. Gradeability of 20 degrees even under max load capacity.

- Patented 7"/180mm Magaluma gravity casting truck gives excellent performance when turning at a high speed.

- 8AH Lithium-ion battery provides a stable powerful output with linear acceleration and 18 mile / 30km cruise range. Quick charge battery - 2 hours.

- 83 x 52mm, 78A, 80 Rebound wheels provide a smooth ride and a cushion effect that reduces riders feet fatigue.

- 65 x 22cm battery case leaves huge space for riders own design with graffiti or artwork.

- Stepless linear acceleration and ABS electronic brake.

- The Falcon Board includes a 2.4GHZ bluetooth remote.

What are the benefits of Falcon Board Electric Skateboard?

- A light weighted gear, easily fits in bus, taxi, metro and other places for optimal portability. Ideal solution for last mile commute.

- Classic 36" longboard keeps the fun in downhill ride. Also great solution for riding up inclines with a 20 degree grade ability.


-1 Falcon Board Electric Skateboard (complete)
-1 Bluetooth remote controller
-1 charger unit
-1 Charging controller cable
-1 Set of Maintenance tools
-1 Falcon Board user guide
- *Electric Skateboard and all parts packaged in carton sized: 100 x 33 x 16cm carton

Important info: if your Falcon Board develops a fault after it has been used then we can repair the Board at our center based in California or Ohio. Upon receiving the Board we will conduct a full evaluation and diagnose the fault. Depending on the nature of the fault there may be a supplementary charge for parts / labour. The ESC & remote are not part of the guarantee. To return an unused board please use the normal Amazon return process.

UPC: 646819981064

EAN: 0646819981064

Package Dimensions: 50.0 x 10.0 x 5.0 inches

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