US Open Pickleball 2016 Championships Naples Florida

1st Annual  US Open Pickleball  2016 Championships

Playing pickleball competitively can be so challenging, both mentally and physically. And yes I said physically- for all those non-pickleball players that wonder how can pickleball singles on that smaller court be tough? How do you get a workout? I say just give it a try- playing someone the same level as you or better- you will get worked, and remember in pickleball tournaments you play the entire singles tournament in one day.

Joining a tournament also means going out of your comfort zone. It’s all about exploring the world of the “unknown”. This is how we learn and grow. Challenge yourself, test your skills, meet new people to become a better and stronger player. Come be part of history and join us for  the 1st Annual  US Open Pickleball 2016Championships this April 26 to May 1 at Naples Florida and get the chance to win the $25,000. The different events will be according to age group and skill level. For more information visit our blog and click here. We look forward to seeing you on the courts!

US Open Pickleball 2016 Championship in Naples Flordia_UltraPickleball_ThePickleballMegastore