GAMMA Sports 2.0 Pickleball Paddles: Fusion 2.0 Pickleball Rackets - Textured Fiberglass Face - Mens and Womens Pickle Ball Racquet - Indoor and Outdoor Racket - Red Pickle-Ball Paddle - 8 oz

Product Description

Brand: Gamma Sports

Color: NEW Fusion - Premium 2.0 Model


  • FUSION 2.0 PADDLE: A midweight 8.0 oz paddle with a textured fiberglass face and Durable Edge Guard
  • IMPROVE YOUR GAME: Pick a paddle suited to your skill level to boost your play on the court
  • ARAMID HONEYCOMB CORE: A blend of power and control benefits beginners and experienced players alike
  • 4" HONEYCOMB CUSHION GRIP: Our paddles feature a soft, sweat absorbing grip to help you hit with confidence
  • MEETS USAPA SPECIFICATIONS: GAMMA 2.0 pickleball paddles comply with official USAPA specifications

Publisher: Ferrari Importing Company Incorporated

Warranty: n/a

Details: RENOWNED GAMMA TECH Reap the benefits of the great GAMMA technology packed into every paddle in the 2.0 lineup. Select models feature a Flush-Fit bumper to increase the hitting area by 30% and prevent edge mis-hits, while others use a Durable Edge Guard to provide extra protection against court damage. Certain models also have a Live Periphery frame to eliminate dead spots and a solid Unibody handle. IMPROVE YOUR GAME Having the right paddle makes all the difference in your pickleball prowess, so be sure to pick one suited to your skill level and style of play. A lightweight racket is ideal for people who play fast; a heavier model is perfect for power players. Smaller hitting surfaces make for quicker returns, while a wider body offers a bigger sweet spot. A fiberglass face gives you excellent spin, and graphite provides a more responsive touch. ARAMID HONEYCOMB CORE This game revolves around power and control, and combining the two will make you tough to beat. GAMMA’s 2.0 pickleball paddles were made with an aluminum honeycomb core to give you the best of both on every stroke. Not only will you make your opponent miss, you’ll be running them ragged with perfectly placed shots on every corner of the court. 4” CUSHIONED GRIP To increase your comfort during play, we included our signature cushioned Honeycomb grip on every 2.0 racquet. Ribbed and honeycomb perforations improve your gripping power and absorb sweat to stop slippage. MEETS USAPA SPECIFICATIONS Up for a bigger challenge than your local rec center? Take your game to the next level! GAMMA 2.0 pickle ball paddles are USAPA approved for sanctioned tournament play. Go show them what you got! - GAMMA Sports 2.0 Pickleball Paddles - Micron 2.0, Atomic 2.0, Fusion 2.0, Neutron 2.0, Phaser 2.0, and Voltage 2.0 Models - Textured Graphite or Fiberglass Face - 1 Year Manufacturer Defect - 7 to 8 ounces

UPC: 090852991267

EAN: 0090852991267

Package Dimensions: 17.8 x 8.7 x 0.8 inches

$ 34.99 $ 39.99

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