Gearbox CX11Q Power - Blue - 8.5oz Pickleball Paddle (Grip 3 15/16")

Product Description

Brand: Gearbox

Color: Blue


  • SOLID SPAN TECHNOLOGY (SST) - is a patented technology invented by Gearbox engineers. SST describes an advanced proprietary molding process using a blend of high strength carbon fiber materials to form a ribbed core and one-piece construction.
  • 3K WOVEN CARBON FIBER - The CX collections have been crafted with 3K woven carbon fiber on both the face and perimeter of the paddle, unlocking a premium feel and sound, a larger sweet spot, greater spin, added torsion control, and more durability.
  • HYPER-BITE SPIN TECHNOLOGY - This technology creates spin starting from the SST ribbed core and building out to the paddle face. Our patented ribbed core allows for maximum bite on the ball throughout the swing, further increasing the spin velocity of the ball.
  • ENHANCED SWEET SPOT - Larger and more forgiving. To enhance the sweet spot and make it even larger, numerous 3K woven carbon fiber and T-700 carbon fiber piles have been repositioned to provide a more forgiving and smarter sweet spot.
  • 11MM THICKNESS - Stable and Maneuverable. Our 11mmm profiles are shaped to cut and glide through the air.

Details: POWERFUL. AGILE SWING.The Quad shape offers our largest sweet spot. This paddle is ideal for players seeking a controlled ball drive with speed and quickness.The Power Series, our patented SST ribbed core returns energy back to the ball with a higher speed velocity.The New CX11 Quad Power has more pop, is agile, and excellent for players with a more aggressive game style or those wanting more power behind their swing.If you are looking for an elongated paddle with similar benefits as the CX11 Quad Power, try the CX11 Elongated Power.SPECIFICATIONS:Paddle Face Finish: 3K Woven Carbon FiberRibbed Core Material: T-700 Carbon FiberCore Construction: Patented Carbon Fiber ChambersHead Shape: Q (Quadraform)Weight: 8.5 ozHandle Circumference: 3 5/8À or 3 15/16À gripHandle Length: 4-3/4"Paddle Length: 15-7/8"Paddle Width: 8"Paddle Thickness: 11mmGrip: Gearbox Smooth Wrap - BlackWarranty: 1 yearUSAPA Approved

EAN: 0810082270235

Package Dimensions: 16.0 x 8.8 x 1.3 inches

$ 199.99

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