27x9-12, 27x12-12 P375 OCELOT ATV/UTV TIRES (4 PACK)

Product Description

Brand: Ocelot

Publisher: Ocelot

Details: 6 ply rated quad/side-by-side utility tire Directional tread pattern with 27.8mm tread depth Self cleaning tread design prevents build up of mud and dirt for better traction Dynamic tread pattern provides precision steering Performs great in thick mud and softer terrain conditions Thick tread lugs help provide extra bite in tough conditions Scooped lugs provide extra traction and reduce overall weight of the tire for improved handling Extended lug design provides extra sidewall protection, additional cornering traction, and grip in ruts Crossover center tread design helps provide a smooth ride on hard pack terrain and trails These tires have a Durometer (hardness) rating of about 74A-78A This quad/side-by-side utility tire is tubeless Fits Models: 2011-2017 Bombardier/ Can-Am Commander 800R 2011-2014 Bombardier/ Can-Am Commander 1000 2013-2016 Bombardier/ Can-Am Commander 1000 DPS 2011-2013 Bombardier/ Can-Am Commander 1000 X 2014-2016 Bombardier/ Can-Am Commander 1000 XT-P 2017 Bombardier/ Can-Am Commander 1000R XT-P 2013-2016 Bombardier/ Can-Am Maverick 2016-2017 Bombardier/ Can-Am Maverick DPS 2014-2015 Bombardier/ Can-Am Maverick Max 2016-2017 Bombardier/ Can-Am Maverick Max DPS 2014-2015 Bombardier/ Can-Am Maverick Max X RS 2014-2015 Bombardier/ Can-Am Maverick X RS 2014-2017 Bombardier/ Can-Am Maverick X XC 2013 Bombardier/ Can-Am Maverick X XS 2016-2017 Bombardier/ Can-Am Maverick XC 2017 Bombardier/ Can-Am Maverick XC DPS 2016 Honda SXS1000M2 Pioneer 1000 2017 Honda SXS1000M3 Pioneer 1000 2017 Honda SXS1000M3P Pioneer 1000 EPS 2016 Honda SXS1000M5 Pioneer 1000-5 2017 Honda SXS1000M5PH Pioneer 1000-5 2017 Polaris RZR

UPC: 607376587731

EAN: 607376587731

$ 397.52

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