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Onix Ace 2 Wood Pickleball Paddle

Product Description

The Ace-2 Wood Pickleball Paddle is created by the masterminds at Onix who have designed some of the most-loved pickleball paddles of all time. The common customers of these paddles are schools, YMCAs, camps, community centers or other groups that provide pickleball paddles for adult recreation. The paddle is cut from a resilient seven-ply hardwood which promises to stand the test of time. The handle is wrapped with great-feeling, black grip tape and is not cushioned or tacky. A black wrist strap is attached to the end of the handle, providing extra reassurance for players who may be worried about dropping their paddles.

The Ace-2 Paddle is a bit lighter than other wooden paddles, weighing 8.8 to 11.3 ounces with an average of 10.1 ounces. The grip measures 4-3/8” in circumference, which is in-between a medium and a large grip. The handle measures 4-1/2” in length, whereas the overall length of this paddle is a relatively short 15-1/4”. The face is a slender 7” in width.

The Wood Ace-2 Paddle is the ideal choice for players wanting a good-quality, lighter wood paddle.

$ 21.99

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