Aisle Striped Marking Tape 2 Inch x 36 Yards 7 Mil Green Color 24 Rolls/case

Product Description

Brand: PackagingSuppliesByMail

Color: Green


  • HIGH QUALITY - The green safety tape is made of high quality thick vinyl that is very durable and works in a wide range of temperatures.
  • SELF-ADHESIVE - The marking tape has a strong pressure sensitive adhesive which is designed to apply quickly on clean and dry surfaces.
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE - The bright green makes it extremely noticeable when entering the marked area, promoting safety awareness.
  • OSHA CERTIFIED - The color coding tape follows all OSHA guidelines and formal safety color coding.
  • MULTIPURPOSE TAPE - The high quality tape can be used on many surface walls, floors, pipes and equipment. Great for marking aisles, pathways, steps, walk ways and more.

Publisher: PackagingSuppliesByMail


Aisle Marking Tape:

Aisle marking tape is great for promoting safety awareness. It helps with marking hazardous areas and creating safe pathways throughout warehouses. This tape works great in a wide range of temperature, letting you be confident that your areas will stay marked for a long time. The vinyl backing helps the tape be noticed from a distance and gives it more durability. All aisle marking tapes are OHSA certified and standard for protecting companies against liability claims.

Item Specifications:

● Works better than tape and enhances safety.

● Works outstanding in dim and non-lighted environments.

● Pre Pressure Sensitive Tape Available in Both Solid and Striped Colors for High Visibility.

● Standard 3" core diameter - common size for most tape dispensers.

● Color : Green.

● Total Thickness: 7 Mil.

● Backing: Vinyl Film.

● Adhesive: Natural Rubber Resin.

● Hazard Warning Tape for Marking Aisles, Steps, Pillars, Parking Lots, Walk Ways etc.


Package Dimensions: 12.0 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches

$ 103.71

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