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Amazing Pickleball Shirt - Women's

Product Description

The Amazing Pickleball Shirt Women’s is a one-of-a-kind piece of apparel. This shirt is one of the only apparel products designed specifically for pickleball playing. You’ll never need to deal with hauling around bulky ball holders, carts or buckets as this shirt stores up to six pickleballs in the unique pocket system in the lower back. It’s easy to access the back pockets so grabbing another ball is extra convenient. Just grab and go! Now there’s no need to delay the game searching for a new pickleball.

The Amazing Pickleball Shirt for Women is created from super-soft, thick 100% polyester. This high-quality material can withstand countless pickleball games. The shirt features a flattering V-neck cut, which has been lined with a solid light blue to highlight the face. The fabric itself is a fashionable dot pattern on top of a gorgeous sparkling blue color.

This shirt looks just as fabulous as it is practical. The sleeves are not restrictive which enables players to move freely. The Amazing Pickleball Shirt is a fantastic option for players who want to take their pickleball apparel to the next level.

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