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Aviator Pickleball Eyewear

Product Description
The Aviator Eyewear was created to serve one purpose- to keep your eyes safe during all racquet sports. Pickleball can certainly be a fast-paced sport and the ball can end up flying in unexpected directions, so protect your eyes by wearing these glasses. If you’re not just a pickleball player, these glasses are acceptable for use by the USA Racquetball Association and the United States Squash Racquets Association in official tournaments. They exceed standards for safety proposed by both racquetball and squash.

The Aviator Eyewear has an extremely sleek appearance thanks to the combination of clear lenses and black framing. It is made from an aerodynamic, feather-light material with slots in the framing to reduce foggy vision. The two arms are adjustable in four ways which helps these glasses have a perfect fit for your unique face. The lenses include a great fog-fighting feature which make it much easier to see traveling pickleballs.

The Aviator Eyewear is a great product for keeping your eyes safe.
$ 34.99

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