BEST PET SUPPLIES LLC Dog Amino acids - L LYSINE for Dogs Powder - Powerful Immune System Support - Mix with Food - Skin Eye and Bone Health - Oral lysine for Dogs - 1 Bottle (8 OZ)

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  • L-LYSINE POWDER FOR DOGS: Our supplement is formulated with one ingredient and one ingredient only which is Lysine. We offer your dog this product in a powder form so that you can mix it in with there food or you can just give it in powder form straight to your dog. Both ways can give the same natural benefit that your dog needs to be healthy.
  • WHAT IS L-LYSINE?: L-Lysine is an essential amino acid for the well-being of your dog. The proteins that your dog's body needs to run cannot be made if its body does not have the right amount of amino acids. Among the most important essential amino acids we find the lysine, a compound involved in many body processes and which is recommendable to be present in dog's food for proper functioning of the body.
  • L-LYSINE FOR DOGS: Everyone knows that dogs need plenty of protein. That, as well as calcium, is how canines thrive. What isn't really talked about is how... Lysine actually enables the biosynthesis of protein and calcium absorption. The benefits of protein and calcium go hand-in-hand (or paw-to-paw) with Lysine! It's that important to your dogs health!
  • FULL OUT IMMUNE SUPPORT FOR DOGS: The key to a healthy dog is not to keep them at home and avoid these immune stresses - the best option is to keep there immune system in top working condition so he can quickly and effectively fight problems when they strike. The immune system is a dog's "great protector" so keep it that way with our supplement.
  • We are so sure you'll be happy with your purchase that we offer a "30-Day Money-Back Guarantee" to ensure customer satisfaction of our pet supplement. If for a specific reason you wish to stop using the supplement, we can issue you a refund. Certain conditions apply.


Details: dog amino acids - L LYSINE FOR DOGS POWDER - POWERFUL IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT - MIX WITH FOOD - SKIN EYE AND BONE HEALTH - oral lysine for dogs - 1 Bottle (8 OZ)

WHY LYSINE IS SO VITAL: Lysine is essential. Yup! Your dog absolutely needs this amino acid. It's a major component to good health. In particular, the immune system will benefit. And Lysine is especially important for puppies. Lysine plays an integral role when it comes to regulation of your dog's internals. Multiple internals function better with this amino acid.

STRONGER BONES AND SKIN HEALTH FOR DOGS: Since lysine can help with calcium absorption then it can help to make your dogs bones a lot stronger to make sure they can play without worrying. Also as you already know, Lysine helps with collagen production which in return provides your dog with healthier looking skin.

EYE TEARING HELP FOR DOGS: In cases of epiphora ( execesive eye tearing) one can use our lysine powder because of the amino acids it offers your dogs health. Lysine can provide anti inflammatory benefits to your dogs eyes while still providing them the full immune support they need when stress might be suppressing it.

IMMUNE BOOST FOR A HEALTHY DOG: Tons of nutrients are found in dog food, but more often than not, foods don't contain all of the ingredients your pet needs to be healthy, and even if they do it isn't always enough. If your dog's immune system is currently struggling to fight back illness, adding our Natural Lysine Powder to your dogs diet is exactly what they need.

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