Canna Medis Premium Hemp Oil for Dogs with Anxiety, Cancer, Arthritis, Pain, Seizures, Inflammation. 2 oz, Concentrated Cannabis Extract, 200 mg Per Dose, for Up to 2 Months, 100% Pure, Fast Results.

Product Description

Brand: Canna Medis


  • DOGS HEMP OIL APPROVED BY VETS, 100% PURE and NATURAL, 200 mg formula, superior quality, 2 fl oz bottle: professionally made in the USA, for dogs, cats and other pets, tested by a 3rd party lab. We use clean extraction methods (supercritical CO2), to ensure all the rich nutrients of the plant are preserved for the most therapeutic impact and fast results. We guarantee superior quality of every single product. For best results choose Canna Medis hemp oil!
  • FIGHT CANCER & STRENGTHEN THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: The results of using pure hemp oil supplements for cancer have been nothing short of amazing! Scientific evidence shows that cannabis sativa hemp oil can inhibit cancer cell growth & support your pet`s immune system, improve her heart health and overall organ function. Learning that your pet has cancer is heart-breaking, we know, but there is good news - this superior quality whole hemp superfood can help!
  • REDUCE INFLAMMATION & CHRONIC PAIN: Many dogs suffer from joint-related issues, such as arthritis, which is the most common health problem in older pets. Use our all natural hemp oil drops with a blend of soothing ingredients to reduce chronic pain, improve joint range and motion and increase energy & agility. Vets agree - diet and nutrition are the two biggest things you can do to slow down the aging process in your pet. Canna Medis hemp oil is the one veterinarians recommend!
  • RELIEVE STRESS & ANXIETY: Many things can cause distress in your furry family members, from fireworks, to car rides, laud parties and separation. This 100% natural hemp herbal actives are a great tool to reduce stress, seizures, convulsions or aggressive behavior. It will calm your pet down, but not get her high. It is THC free, pesticide free and non GMO, so it is absolutely save to use. Easily apply to treats or spray in pet`s mouth.
  • IMPROVE SKIN & COAT: Cannabis preparations have been repeatedly shown to alleviate the symptoms of chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dry nose, acne and dog rash. This unrefined organic superfood thickens the fur texture, keeps the skin less shedding and prevents putting out dog dandruff. There are a lot of oil products for dogs that have industrial hemp oil as a key ingredient, but this is 100% pure extract that works best.

Legal Disclaimer: Consult a veterinarian before giving hemp oil to your pet.

Publisher: UUNetWorldBrand

Details: Throughout man's history hemp has always been known as the most medicinal plant in the world and there is no doubt it has MANY HEALTH PROMOTING PROPERTIES nearly every pet could use. Here are just a couple:
It can inhibit cancer cell growth, strenghten your pet`s immune system, improve her heart health and overall organ function, has antibacterial effect, is neuro-protective, can reduce chronic pain, improve joint range and motion, help arthritis, increase energy and agility, relieve stress & separation anxiety, help with seizures and convulsions, alleviate the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, dry nose, acne and dog rash, thicken the fur texture, prevent dog dandruff and much more

There are many costumers embracing our products and reporting of fantastic results. Try it on your pet and see the results yourself.

Brand: Canna Medis
Volume: 2 fl oz / 60 ml
Packaging: boston bottle with pump for exact dosing and no dripping
Ingredients: 100% Hemp Oils from Europe, Colorado and Canada, cold processed. Human grade, pet approved. Non flavoured.
Directions and dosage: Shake well before serving. Spray on food, or squirt in pet`s mouth. 2 oz bottle contains about 60 servings.
Up to 30 lbs ...... 1 spray daily
31 to 60 lbs ......2 sprays daily
61 to 90 lbs ..... 3 sprays daily
91+ lbs ............. 4 sprays daily

Produced in: USA
Full Benefit - Superior Quality - 200 mg - Therapeutical Grade

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EAN: 0605725700138

Package Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.3 x 0.1 inches

$ 49.90

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