CBD Oil For Cat Seizures: All You Need To Know About Using CBD Oil For Treating Seizures In Cats

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Author: Dr. Vincent Ellwood

ISBN: 172418783X

Number Of Pages: 59

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 2018-09-30

Details: So, you have known that seizure occur in humans but did you know that cats also have seizures too. If you do not know these, then this book is for you. A seizure is the clinical manifestation of excessive electrical activity in the cerebral cortex of the brain. It is commonly referred to as a “convulsion.” The location and extent of this abnormal electrical activity determines how the seizure is seen clinically. Seizures in cats most often occur due to trauma to the brain, viral or bacterial infections, poisonings, or overdoses of drugs. Underlying medical illnesses may also cause seizures to occur, but in many cases the cause of the seizures remains undiscovered. CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, reduce anxiety, improve overall well being, reduce pain and lessen or eliminate seizure activity. We are not the first civilization that has used this plant for it’s medicinal purposes. What’s great about modern technology and medical research is that we now have the technology to harness the medicinal properties of cannabis and to innovate pure products. You may know someone who has seizures, such as epileptic patients. Uncontrollable convulsions are a frightening part of the ailment, but they can be controlled for the most part. When it comes to felines, these animals aren't that much different than humans when it comes to basic anatomy. They have nervous systems that can also be impacted by seizures. It's incredibly difficult to see a beloved kitty go through repeated seizures. Explore a solution in CBD treatment for cats. This medication is slowly growing in popularity across the nation. While there is emerging research on the use of cannabis for dogs (cat studies to follow!), much of what we know today is anecdotal or extrapolated from human medicine. Anecdotal evidence is mainly composed of individual reports. For example, a cat might have accidentally ingested some medical marijuana and the guardian noticed a resolution of symptoms. Maybe after consuming the cannabis, the pet was able to jump on the bed again or was more playful. In this book, you will learn all you need to know about cat seizures and how CBD Oil is a tested and trusted remedy to it. Buy this book now! You will be glad you did! Please do not forget to drop a 5 star rating and a nice review! Thanks in anticipation!

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Languages: English

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