Crimestopper SP-502 2-Way LCD Paging Combo Alarm, Keyless Entry and Remote Start System with Rechargeable Remote

Product Description

Brand: Crime Stopper

Color: Black


  • (1) 2-way LCD transmitter with 3000ft of range
  • (1) 5-button companion transmitter with 2000ft of range
  • Remote start built-in
  • Trunk release: disarm with trunk release
  • Priority unlock Feature
  • New sleek style rechargeable FM/FM LCD paging remote; LCD graphics and real-time page-back for confirmation of alarm status and triggers; includes standard USB cable and wall charger up to 3000 feet range, out-of-range signal read out on LCD remote
  • Remotes capable of (2) vehicle operation; LED on remote changes color to indicate vehicle number 1 or 2 operation; LCD remote has both vibration and audible tones which can be shut off; includes "sidekick" 5-button non-paging remote
  • Includes 20 Watt high-power single-tone siren, dome light supervision, (5) on-board relays for remote start, starter kill output, carjack protection, remote panic, horn honk output and dual-stage high performance shock sensor for great protection


Release Date: 15-03-2013


Protect Your Vehicle from Theft and Vandalism, and Remote Start the Engine with the Push of a Button

The SP-502 comes with a 2-way paging LCD remote and a 1-way "sidekick" non-paging remote. View larger

Thousands of cars get broken into, stolen or vandalized every year. Don’t become part of this statistic. Protect your vehicle with the SecurityPlus SP-502 system. The SP-502 is a top-of-the-line system that does it all. It provides an excellent layer of protection over your vehicle with a full-blown security system as well as adding the convenience of a keyless entry and remote engine start system. The SP-502 is a 2-Way system that uses a rechargeable LCD paging transmitter and a smaller 4-button “sidekick” transmitter operating on an FM/FM frequency at a range of up to 3500 ft. depending on your surrounding environment.

Advantages of Using the SP-502 System
SecurityPlus SP-502 2-Way Combo Alarm, Keyless Entry and Remote Start System

A security system can be the only thing that stands in between your car and the thief who plans to steal it and make your day go horribly wrong. The SP-502 system comes with an adjustable dual-stage shock sensor that detects various types of impacts to the vehicle. The shock sensor is able to distinguish between a light vibration (loud exhaust or sound system) and an aggressive intrusion attempt. For light vibrations, the shock sensor will set the alarm into “warning mode” which will lightly sound off the siren with a few chirps to warn the intruder. If a heavy impact, the sensor

UPC: 52778837845

EAN: 809387589661

Package Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.1 x 4.0 inches

$ 105.00

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