DC Cargo Mall 4 Side Mount Wheel Nets with Flat Hook and Ratchet | 4 Pack Car Wheel Lasso Straps for Auto Hauling

Product Description

Brand: DC Cargo Mall


  • ❔ WHY BUY? If you're looking for a secure, fast and easy way to tie down your vehicle to a car hauler - this is your strap. Great for very limited clearance applications. Assembly Break Strength of 10,000 pounds, Work Load Limit of 3,333 pounds. Steel flat hook. Robust ratchet. Made to LAST. Industrial grade polyester webbing is waterproof and UV Ray resistant.
  • ❔ WHAT SIZE TIRES? Compatible with most 14"-18" standard wheels. This 10 foot wheel net is designed to wrap around a tire and thread through the O-ring. Like a belt, you can easily adjust the strap to your desired length by merely inserting the webbing further into the O-ring.
  • ❔ HOW DO I ASSEMBLE IT? The single strap has a flat hook and ratchet on the fixed end and an O-ring at the tip of the loose end. Imagine a belt. You wrap the strap around the tire at 10 and 2 o'clock and then thread it through the ring. You then insert the slack into the ratchet and tighten it down. See images for a GUIDE on how to create the lasso BEFORE the strap's on the tire.
  • ❔ ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? You're looking at a 4 pack of wheel bonnet straps, so there will be a total of 4 hooks and 4 ratchets. From the inside of the stake pocket hook to the bolt that runs through the ratchet (where the fabric is attached) is 11-1/2". The fabric strap is 9" long between the two. These lasso straps meet or exceed all DOT regulations.
  • ❔ WHO ARE YOU FOLKS? We're the manufacture, DC Cargo Mall. We stand behind our products with a 100% payment back guarantee. Call us at 866-998-0577 or email via Amazon with any questions or feedback. Based in New Jersey with informed and friendly customer service, we're here for you!

Publisher: DC Cargo Mall

UPC: 712411003838

EAN: 712411003838

Package Dimensions: 15.0 x 12.0 x 4.3 inches

$ 88.99

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