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Dura Outdoor Pickleball Sampler (12 Balls)

Product Description
The Dura Outdoor Sampler Pack is a great way to determine which color of outdoor ball is best for your playing venue from Ultra. Never again will you need to purchase six of each color in order to fiddle with your choices. With this complete package, you’ll be able to get four of each color and narrow down which color or colors work best for you and your playing style. Now that is pretty awesome we think!

The Dura Outdoor Sampler Pack is made up of four each of yellow, orange and white Dura Outdoor Pickleballs for a total of a dozen balls. The Dura Pickleball, formerly known as Dura Fast 40, is the standard outdoor pickleball for most tournaments. This ball is made of a hard plastic with small holes punched out, with “PICKLE-BALL” stamped in black text. Each ball measures 2.9375” in diameter and weighs 0.92 ounces, making this the heaviest outdoor ball on the market.

We have made things super simple and fun by throwing in a variety of colors in this sampler pack of pickleballs. Go ahead and try them today...you will not be disappointed.
$ 34.99

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