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DuraTac Plus Pickleball Overgrip

Product Description

The DuraTac+ Overgrip comes from the tennis masterminds at Viking Sports, a highly respected company among those familiar with the tennis world. This grip is extremely thin and aims to improve the tackiness of the grip, providing players with increased control and maneuverability. The surface of this product is quite smooth and the soft material feels incredible in your hand. It really is an item that looks as fantastic as it feels! These wraps can be applied to the original grip on your paddle to provide extra absorption and superior traction.

The DuraTac+ Overgrip is a high-tack grip that will certainly help you achieve better levels of control. You will never need to deal with a slippery paddle handle again, nor will you need to worry about the paddle sliding out of your hand. Each package holds three rolls of wrap. These can be used to either thicken the handle’s circumference or to refresh your grip if it starts to show wear. 

The DuraTac+ Overgrip is a fantastic product at a fantastic price. 

Available in the following colors: gray, green, pink, purple, or white.
$ 7.99

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