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Engage Encore GP Pickleball Paddle

Product Description

The Engage Encore GP Pickleball paddle is a newly designed oversized paddle that will help players dominate the game from Ultra Pickleball Company. The Engage 'Encore GP' Pickleball paddle provides all the same characteristics of the legacy Encore (Power, Surface Roughness, Ball Control), but with the largest 'Sweet Spot' and 'Paddle Face' of any paddle currently on the market.  The weight is well optimized and balanced so it feels very similar to the legacy Encore weight wise.  It has the same width and length as the legacy Encore. We truly believe you will enjoy this paddle both at the net and for those long power shots.

The Engage Encore GP paddle is a revolutionary pickleball paddle with more surface area than any other pickleball paddle on the market. Even though the paddle weighs between 8.2 - 8.6 ounces it feel lighter and has quick action for those awesome kitchen shots. With the maximum surface roughness that this paddle produces you will notice more ball spin than a normal paddle size. 

The paddle of choice for Glen Peterson, 2015 Senior Nationals and Tournament of Champions Gold Medalist.

The Engage Encore GP paddle is available in  variety of colors and designs. Please note lead time on this paddle can be 1-2 weeks.

Technical Specifications:

  • Core: Polyprophylene / Polymer Honeycomb
  • Skin: Specialized Fiberglass
  • Weight: 8.2 - 8.6 oz (Feels like high 7 oz)
  • Color:  Black, Red, Green and Purple
  • USAPA Listed: Yes
  • Pass USAPA New Roughness Test: Yes
  • Glen Peterson paddle of choice
  • Made in the USA


$ 99.00

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