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Gamma Hi-Tech Pickleball Grip

Product Description
The Gamma Hi-Tech Pickleball Grip is just what you need to keep your paddle stationed firmly in your palm with no fear of slipping out. The surface is highly tacky which in turn provides an incredible amount of control and maneuverability. Each grip is 31” long, which is the ideal length to wrap around the handle of one pickleball paddle. This reduces the need to cut off extra grip, which then goes to waste. 

The Gamma Hi-Tech Pickleball Grip is very thin and lightweight, meaning it will not add much weight (if any) to the paddle’s overall weight. It will also increase the thickness of your paddle’s handle, but only slightly. This black grip is aimed to increase tackiness and control so the grip does not feature any cushioning. Wrapping this around your handle will add just a bit of thickness and a whole lot of control. 

The Gamma Hi-Tech Pickleball Grip is just what you need to make your paddle undeniably perfect for you.
$ 6.99

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