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Gamma Super Soft Pickleball Grip

Product Description

The Gamma Super Soft Pickleball Grip is a surefire way to make pickleball playing as comfortable as possible. The surface of the grip is much drier than the other grips in Gamma’s line, which results in an increased feel of comfort. Each grip is 31” long, which is the ideal length for wrapping a pickleball handle. You won’t have to trim off any length – this grip is ready for application.

The Gamma Super Soft Pickleball Grip has an extremely absorbent surface which reduces the likelihood of playing with a slippery handle. Sweat seems to simply disappear while playing with this grip. It’s also an extra durable design to ensure that the grip will last for a long time. The grip is slightly cushioned with a minimal amount of tackiness which drastically increases the grip’s softness.

Just playing a few points with your paddle wrapped in this Gamma Super Soft Pickleball Grip and you’ll see why we say this grip is unbelievably soft.

$ 7.99

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