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Indoor Super Pickleball Sampler Pack (12 Balls)

Product Description
The Indoor Super Pickleball Sampler Pack is a great way to figure out which kind and color of indoor pickleball is your favorite. We certainly love having options playing indoor pickleball and when you go with this set you will have plenty of fun. While indoor pickleballs are characterized by the size of their holes, the type of plastic the balls are made out of can differ from all the brands on the market.

Here is what this awesome pack is made of (one dozen balls):

• 4 Green Jugs Indoor Pickleballs
• 4 White Jugs Indoor Pickleballs
• 4 Orange Dura Big-Hole Indoor Pickleballs

The Jugs Indoor Pickleball is the most popular indoor pickleball among enthusiasts. It is constructed of a thick plastic that is soft in comparison to outdoor pickleballs. The Jugs Indoor Pickeballs have the most bounce of any other ball, measuring 36” high. The Dura Big-Hole Indoor Pickleball is made of a tough, hard plastic found on outdoor balls. It’s a great option for players that go back-and-forth between indoor and outdoor facilities. 

Go ahead and give this sampler pack a try. You will not regret having all the options for your game.
$ 34.99

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