Кinpur Organic Hemp Oil Extract for Dogs & Cats - 5000 Mg - Inflammation, Pain, Arthritis, Stress, Separation Anxiety Relief - Hip & Joint Support - Natural Sedative, Calming Remedy

Product Description

Brand: Кinpur

Color: Brown


  • Relieves joint aches and pains - have your pets lost their playfulness due to painful or swollen legs? Our Hemp oil will restore their lively demeanor by repairing damaged joints and ligaments.
  • Calms & relaxes your furry friend - is your cat or dog feeling scared or nervous? This supplement works as a natural sedative that helps your pet stay composed and Behaved during stressful situations.
  • Does not cause negative side effects - unlike prescription medicine that can lead to unwanted complications, our Hemp oil for dogs and cats is 100% organic and safe to be consumed daily by your four-legged pal.
  • Promotes skin and coat health - Hemp oil is naturally rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that keep the skin fully hydrated and promote the growth of thick, shiny and glossy fur on your pet.
  • Stimulates the appetite - has your pet suddenly been disinterested in food? Our Hemp extract will restore your dog or cat's appetite, ensuring that it gets the right amount of nutrition each day.
  • Age range description: all life stages. Cod oil for dogs.

Publisher: Кinpur

Warranty: NO

Details: Keep your pet protected against stress, anxiety and joint aches. Add kinpur organic hemp oil extract to your cart today! Let your pet enjoy natural relief from pain and anxiety with kinpur organic hemp oil extract. This supplement is recommended by veterinarians when it comes to keeping cats and dogs calm and composed, especially during stressful situations, such as visiting the vet, taking long road trips, hearing Loud Noises and going to crowded places. When puppies and kitties get stressed, they can become aggressive towards other animals or people. They also start displaying destructive behavior, which can be frustrating for a pet lover like you. To prepare your pet for an upcoming troubling situation, just mix Our Hemp oil extract with their food. This will keep them relaxed and behaved all throughout the day or night. If you notice your pet dog or cat limping or having trouble climbing up and down The stairs, it can be a sign of inflamed or swollen joints. Our Hemp oil extract naturally relieves joint aches and pains, restoring your pet's flexibility and mobility in no time. Check out more Features of our Hemp oil supplement right here: ✅ 5000mg hemp oil extract per bottle ✅ USA-grown hemp ✅ Good source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 ✅ Suitable for both young and elderly pets ✅ boosts immunity a cranky pet can cause a lot of stress and tension in your household. Your beloved canine or feline friend is a source of happiness, relaxation and comfort. It gives you a lot of attention and love, which is why you always want to see it playful at all times. Just like us humans, our Furry pals can also feel pain and stress, which can cause them to display unnatural behavior, such as whimpering, cowering under your bed, barking excessively, or destroying house fixtures.

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Package Dimensions: 5.6 x 2.3 x 1.6 inches

$ 16.97

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