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Leather Pickleball Pin

Product Description
The Leather Pickleball Pin is a great embellishment to any bag or outfit. It’s a clever way to pay homage to your beloved sport without going over the top. The small addition will easily liven up any boring piece of apparel. This item is meticulously handmade with each little detail painted on the leather with precision. The pin is molded in the shape of a pickleball paddle complete with a black handle and edge guard. The face on the paddle is a solid color and includes a yellow pickleball in the top right corner.

The Leather Pickleball Pin measures just about 1-3/4” long and 7/8” wide. It features a standard, safety-pin type closure attached to the back of the paddle. This works to keep the pin securely attached to whatever it is supposed to be stuck to. It’s the perfect gift for any pickleball addict and is a great addition to any pickleball bag.

The Leather Pickleball Pin is a small token to show off your love for pickleball.

Available in the following colors: dark blue, light blue pink and red.
$ 5.99

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