METAZY Pickleball Balls - Outdoor & Indoor Pickleballs Balls 26 Holes(3 Pack)

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  • MEET USAPA SPECIFICATIONS:Our pickleball balls are made to USAPA specs for construction, size, weight, bounce, hardness and design.
  • HIGH VISIBILITY: The optic ball is easy to see against both dark and light backdrops; inn busy environments this ball provides better tracking and improved ball accuracy.
  • ULTRA BALANCED: A win should be determined by skill, not imperfect equipment; that's why our ball is expertly balanced with 2-piece construction for consistent play right out of the box- NO CONDITIONING REQUIRED.
  • PRECISION CONSTRUCTION: 26 precision molded holes allow the ball to fly at the right pace for indoor play, and with a durable and rigorous build, this ball outlasts the competition.
  • PERFECT BOUNCE: Engineered for a lively and consistent bounce on all indoor surfaces, the rigid photon is just the right hardness for upbeat play that beginners and experts alike enjoy.

Publisher: METAZY

Details: The METAZY pickleball balls deliver a superb flight path thanks to the precision of our machine drilled holes. Using the best PE material and our advanced professional pickball balls design, this ball will withstand hours of the most aggressive play. Perfectly weighted and sized, these pickleball balls will certainly impress everyone on the court!

These METAZY pickleball balls have smooth seam and weighted heavier symmetrical halves to fly straighter in indoor conditions and deliver outstanding playability, ultimate precision, and consistent flight.

The METAZY pickleball balls are a professional plastic whiffle ball specially designed for pickleball game. They are made of extra durable high quality material, have thick walls. The purpose of using hard plastic for pickleball s is to increase the life span of the ball in indoor conditions.

This is a highly rated and highly trusted pickleball ball. Some might think there isn 't a difference from one ball to the next but it could be a rude awakening when you show up to the indoor court. Some pickleball balls just don't bounce well off gym floors. You will find the construction of this METAZY pickleball balls are really helpful with accuracy. The solid construction and exceptional seam welding offer greater durability and resist splitting. Superior balance with strategically aligned, precision-drilled holes make for pickleball balls that lasts on the toughest of services.

UPC: 604213094766

EAN: 604213094766

Package Dimensions: 8.9 x 3.1 x 3.0 inches

$ 5.99 $ 6.99

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