MODUTILE 26ft x 52ft Outdoor Pickleball Court Flooring Lines and Edges Included - Gray/Blue/Green

Product Description


Color: Gray/Blue/Green


  • *Pickleball court lines are painted based on the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) regulations.
  • * Rigid high-impact Polypropylene based sport tiles
  • * Pickleball Painted Lines and Edges Included
  • * Perforated Court Tiles allow Water Flow
  • * Constructed using 12 x 12-inch interlocking Tiles

Publisher: ModuTile

Details: ModuTile's outdoor pickleball court floors are high-performance court systems built for residential backyards and/or general outdoor use. This Pickleball Court Kit is assembled with our Perforated (Drain) tile, meaning it can withstand any weather condition such as snow, heat, rain, and ice (walk with caution). The size of the full court kit is 26'5" x 52'5" since each tile measures at 12 in. x 12 in. x ½" thick and each edge is 12" x 2 ½" x ½" thick. These tiles are engineered with high-impact polypropylene plastic, purposely designed to be inflexible to create a firm, flat, and uniform game court. This also makes the tiles rigid and sufficiently strong enough to support heavy weights such as cars, without harming the tiles. ModuTile offers a variety of color combinations; so you could have the Pickleball court made just for you!

  • UV Stable Material
  • Traction Control Perforated Pattern Surface
  • Mold Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Four loop-to-peg interlocking system
  • Pickleball Court Lines and Areas
  • Easy to Assemble (DIY Installation)
  • Clean easily using mild soap and water
  • Use a broom or shop-vac to clean debris
  • Different Sizes Available
  • Different Colors Available
  • Rigid High-Impact plastic tiles
  • Mesh (Perforated) Matte finish
  • Made in USA

UPC: 817481012336

EAN: 817481012336

$ 4,295.00

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