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Motion Pickleball Shorts - Women's

Product Description

The Women’s Motion Shorts are the perfect, basic shorts that every woman needs in her clothing arsenal. The solid black shorts are sure to match any other piece of apparel making you look extremely classy and put together on the pickleball court. If you’d prefer to stand out from the crowd, the high-visibility yellow color is a perfect option for those vibrant personalities. These pocket-less shorts are long enough to provide outstanding modesty but cut at a quite flattering location right above the knee. Any athletic woman needs to have a pair of these shorts ready to wear.

The Women’s Motion Shorts keep players dry and comfortable for as long as the shorts are worn. The shorts are cut from 100% polyester which acts as moisture management with a great, antimicrobial feature. The smooth fabric feels fantastic against a player’s legs and does not cause itchiness or discomfort of any kind, due to there being no seam from pockets. These shorts are quite stylish with white contrasting piping on the seams providing an extra boost of visual interest. The elastic waistband and drawstring cinches in the shorts to the perfect fit.

The Women’s Motion Shorts should be a staple in every woman’s closet.

Available in the following colors: black and yellow.

$ 17.99

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