MTD Genuine Parts - 42 in. and 46 in. Double Bagger for Riding Lawn Mowers (2010 and After)

Product Description

Brand: MTD


  • Fits all Tractors with 42" And 46" Side discharge decks, 2010 and after
  • Flex Tubing for visual of grass flow and increased shipping efficiencies
  • Top hinged Hood so you do not have to flip the seat up when emptying
  • Improved bag material and an integrated hood design. Sight window to let you know when the bags are full
  • 6. 5 Bushel capacity

Binding: Lawn & Patio

Publisher: Arnold

Details: Bagging helps to foster lawn growth by preventing thatch from building up. Using a bagger helps control lawn disease naturally, encourages new grass growth, and acts as a natural crab grass and weed control. It can help increase curb appeal of your lawn. When you bag your grass clippings, you create a crisp appearance and a highly manicured professional finish, with defined striping, no grass clumps left behind, and grass less likely to spread to vegetable gardens or flower beds. Bagging your clippings is a huge time saver. It’s faster than raking and you won’t have to mow as often as mulching. Fits in the popular models (but not limited to)13A878BT563, 13AAA1KT563, 13A879ST501, 13AD79KS563, 13B878BS563, 13A2785S516, 13A278SS515, 13AKA1CT596, 13AD79BS563, 13A878BS563, 13A8785T516, 13A278SS583, 13AL78BT563, 13AL78ST515, 13AN78SS515, 13A278SS501, 13A8765S500, 13AOA1CS596, 13A2785S500, 13AT79ST501, 13BX795S504, 13A8785T500, 13AV79KS563, 13AN791S500, 13AP91GT590, 13AV905S504, 13AD78XS599, 13AL761T500, 13AP91GS590, 13AM765S515, 13AV90GS590, 13AV91GS590, 13AM761S500, 13A277XS599, 13AM785S515, 13AT765T506, 13AJ765S506, 13AN785T506, 13AX79ST501, 13AV78SS501, 13AV785S504, 13ATA1KT563, 13AL78ST599, 13AP915T504, 13AR91PT599, 13AN77SS599, 13AV78BS563, 13AX78BT563, 13AX79YT501, 13AJ78SS599, 13BX935T504, 13AN785T515, 13AN791S506, 13AX78YT501, 13AX795T504, 13AV78KS563, 13AN79GS590, 13A877KS897, 13B878KT897

Package Dimensions: 37.0 x 25.0 x 18.5 inches

$ 317.21 $ 338.87

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