OEM Arctic Cat Snowmobile Gas Cap w/ Fuel Gauge 0670-658

Product Description

Brand: Arctic Cat

Publisher: Arctic Cat

Details: This will fit: 1997 Jag/Dlx, Puma Dlx, Puma 2-up 1998 Jag 340/Dlx, Jag 440/Dlx, Panther 340/440, Powder Special, Z440, ZL440, ZL500, ZR440, ZR500, ZR600 carbed 1999 Jag 340 Dlx, Jag 440/Dlx, Panther 340/440/550, Powder Special, Thundercat, Triple Touring, Z370, Z440, ZL 440, ZL500, ZL600, ZR500, ZR600, ZR700, ZRT600, ZRT800 2000 Panther 340/440/550, Powder Special, Z370, Z440, ZL440, ZL500, ZL600, ZL700, ZR500, ZR600, ZR700 2001 Panther 370/440/550, ZR600 VEV 2002 Panther 440/570 2003 Panther 370/570 2004 Bearcat 570, Panther 370/570 2005 Bearcat 570, Panther 370/570 2006 Panther 370 2007 Panther 370/570 Please make sure your verify the exact year of your snowmobile before buying. Snowmobiles are manufactured in the summer/fall before the season. So if a sled says manufactured date June of 1998 on the tunnel then it's a 1999 model year. This is very important when ordering parts, because a lot can change on a snowmobile from one year to the next.

UPC: 886224215938

EAN: 886224215938

Package Dimensions: 14.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches

$ 36.94

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