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Omni Pickleball Eyewear

Product Description
The Omni Eyewear is the perfect alternative to overly-restrictive glasses which dig into your head too tightly and cause headaches or discomfort. Instead of arms, these glasses feature a unique strap design which gently hugs your head. This soft, stretchy fabric is attached to either side of the eyewear and then wraps around the back of your head for fuss-free wearing. It’s great for pickleball playing, but it’s also approved for sanctioned tournament use for both racquetball and squash by their respective governing organizations. This really is a product that can be worn for several sports.

The Omni Eyewear provides ultimate protection for your eyes, featuring the max amount of coverage possible for your face without being claustrophobic. The wraparound strap is adjustable, meaning it will not be too loose or tight. The lenses are coated with a fog-preventative layer and are resistant to scratching.

The Omni Eyewear is a classic piece of eyewear that any racquet-sport player ought to own.
$ 11.99

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