Onix Indoor Pickleball (6 Balls)

Product Description
The Onix Indoor Pickleballs in Red and Green colors are designed for the best possible indoor play or at least we thing so at Ultra Pickleball. Each ball is uniquely crafted in two pieces within a mold and then combined together into the shape of a pickleball making one fantastic ball to play with. Please take note that because of this sort of construction, these pickleballs are not considered to be seamless. This ball is comprised of marginally thinner plastic than the Jugs Indoor Pickleballs which makes them a bit lighter in weight as well. Onix balls weigh about 0.77 ounces versus Jugs weighing 0.81 ounces. The balls are very faintly textured which helps them “bite” the floor instead of skidding across the floor, giving you slightly more traction.

The Onix Indoor Pickleball’s smooth plastic is etched with the Onix logo, with “Onix Sports” and “Pickleball” printed around one of the holes. The diameter of this ball is 2.875,” which makes it the same size as both the Jugs Indoor Pickleball and the Pickleball Now Indoor Pickleball. The balls bounce is an average bounce height of 36 inches giving it a little more hope than some others.

The Onix Indoor Pickleball is a great alternative for those who want a lighter, bouncy pickleball during their game.

Available in green and red colors and in larger bulk quantity's at a discount. We are sure you will love these pickleballs if you are looking for more of a bouncy playing ball.
$ 16.99

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