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Onix PURE 2 Outdoor Pickleball

Product Description

The Onix PURE 2 Outdoor Pickleball is a must have for any serious pickleball player. This outdoor pickleball was designed to consistently perform in all outdoor weather conditions. The Onix PURE 2 outdoor pickleball was specifically designed with an injection molded process and has holes that are all the same size rather than different sized holes which is typical of outdoor pickleballs.

The Onix PURE 2 Outdoor ball is approved for tournament play by the USAPA. The new rules for the use of this pickleball for outdoor tournament play begins October 1st, 2016. 

We believe that the Onix PURE 2 Outdoor ball is changing the way the pickleball game is played! With more ball control and better flight time, this is a must have pickleball for seriouse players.


The Onixe Pure 2 ball delivers the most consistent flight available in the pickleball industry. With pefectly round holes that are symmetrical and heat welded to create an extroidinarily smooth and durable seam.


Designed specifically for the sport of pickleball, the Onix Pure 2 has a proprietary material that gives it the most consistent bounce on the courts.

Available in Yellow and Orange.


Technical Specifications:

Two Piece construction

40 Holes

Company: Onix Sports (Escalade Sports)

Weather Weighted to reduce the impact wind has on the Pure2 Outdoor Pickleball

Made in Taiwan

$ 34.99

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